The 12 Biblical Laws Workbook

 To Guarantee Financial Success


7 Activities You Can Start Now To Sign Clients Today

Can you relate....?

-------->> You provide services as a Christian female entrepreneur, but you are not making the money online that you desire.


-------->>You really desire financial freedom, but get uncomfortable with new age manifestation practices that you feel conflicts with your relationship with God.


-------->>You know who your ideal client is, but you can't seem to convert that to a regular flow of clients coming into your business. 



 This will change after downloading my FREE guide.

You will learn

  •  12 Biblical Truths that will guarantee you are financially successful
  • The exact steps I have taken to hit my first $10k month online, so you can too.
  • 7 instant action steps that can help you sign more clients today

Yes, I want more income online.

Buki's energy is contagious. Her online marketing services are proven and effective. She truly cares and wants to see us all succeed!


 I have already received two phone chats and one new enrolment simply by following her steps. Thank you so much!

Laurel Flemming Boylan 

Energy Expert & Coach

Absolutely love working with Buki. She's very good at what she does and her attention to detail is awesome. Very rare gem! 

Tara Donelly

CEO, Darlying & Co

A little blurb about me

Hey, I'm Buki (pronounced book-key), yes that's right!


 Its short for Olubukunola, ( we won't even go into the pronunciation part of it right now lol!) but... it means 

"God has added more to wealth". I absolutely LOVE it because it completely defines my passion and my mission.


I love working with women of faith to help them be more confident in creating wealth and using their gifts in business so they can have HUGE impact in their communities.


I have a been a full time entrepreneur for 8 years, which started off in real estate and set me up for what I do today, which is helping female coaches and service providers get clients online.


I combine coaching with LinkedIn lead generation services as I am all about, how can I make your life easier in this online entrepreneurs playground.  You can get to know more about that as you get to know me.


I'm a mum to my miracle boy who was announced in my first year of marriage but arrived in my arms in my 7th year.   I am a living testimony of the goodness of God and use every opportunity to share about it.


Hopefully, you have got to know me a little bit better now and I am looking forward to getting to know you, so lets jump right in now and start making you some money!

Yes, I want more income

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